A Week’s Reading For June 6th

Facebook unveils Presto engine for querying 250 PB data warehouse http://t.co/HEQmHsh77H via @gigaom ->

Amazon AWS

Exciting new releases from Amazon this week: a new instance type with 240GB of memory, and Redshift, a data warehouse as a service.

Vertica for the Cloud

While I have my head in the clouds, I should mention that Vertica has a cloud solution that they manage for you. Not new, but gives some perspective. With competitive offerings in the $10-20k per terabyte, this is an attractive offer and a great way to try before you invest when you have that much […]

How One-Second Results Change Everything

There’s a point where query response time is low enough that it changes the analysis game completely. This is the amount of time that a decision maker is willing to wait to get the next answer. Not the first answer, but the next one, and the next one. Eventually the frustration of waiting is worse […]

InfoBright Open-Source Column-Store DBMS

I wondered if InfoBright would do this. Before going open-source their website described the product as a kind of bulk-storage and not a data warehouse. A place to put data that you need to remain accessible but which you don’t need to query fast or frequently. That was the enterprise story. As an open-source project, […]

Low-Cost Data Analysis & Visualization: It’s Getting Better All The Time

Over the weekend I have revisited Tableau, enjoyed some success with MonetDB, tried to turn MySQL into a hundred million row data warehouse, been underwhelmed with Firebird, installed Greenplum and spent many frustrated hours with Talend Open Studio, Pentaho Kettle and Jitterbit. Of course, I could just buy QlikView, but what can be done for […]

2007 Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse

Gartner released the updated quadrant for DW DBMS software and appliances. DATAllegro seems too far below Netezza in ability to execute. DATAllegro has large, proven installations. Their recent releases run on Dell blades with EMC storage instead of the customized FPGAs of Netezza. And how is Greenplum rated higher than DATAllego? (via DBMS2)

Response to the Tableau 3.0 Webinar

I finally got around to watching the Tableau 3.0 webinar. I agree with their very excited presenter that Tableau 3.0 is a leap forward. The support of ad-hoc grouping of dimension elements is excellent as is the enhanced support of ad-hoc sets. The annotations look good and act sensibly. Generally, the new features are focused […]

More on Vertica

The ideas in this paper will be incorporated into the Vertica database product. And unfortunately it won’t be open source. At least that’s what one company employee commented on Slashdot. In the same way that RAID design options (e.g. 1, 5 and 10) can accommodate multiple drive failures, the Vertica system will distribute the same […]

What’s Vertica?

Started by a major contributor to the Ingres and Postgres projects, Vertica is implementing a read-optimized database that is an excellent fit for the data warehouse world. Given the founder’s support of open-source, I expect this company will follow the hybrid commercial/FOSS model of MySQL and others. Some core design features include highly compact storage, […]