A Week’s Reading For July 17th

Ask HS: What's Wrong with Twitter, Why Isn't One Machine Enough? http://t.co/YC6XrmBtof -> CIA cloud battle redux? U.S. defense agency puts cloud work out to bid http://t.co/3jeqBvY2oT via @gigaom -> Stealthy In-Q-Tel stakes HyTrust to lock down intelligence clouds http://t.co/CHlnGpa10c via @gigaom -> N.S.A. Leak Puts Focus on System Administrators http://t.co/zEJ7kOxwG4 -> VMware sell-off continues as […]

A Week’s Reading For July 10th

Build Your Own Web or Mobile App In Minutes With These Cloud Based Tools http://t.co/9F8dsPAcY3 via @forbes -> Top 11 Mobile Web Development Tools Used at Mobify | Mobify http://t.co/YgL4ttoo0K via @mobify -> Modern Twitter infrastructure. http://t.co/fUtIPVaUMT -> In medicine, data Darwinism becomes playing god http://t.co/Cz0FAsaBHS via @gigaom -> Pinterest rival The Fancy gets $53 […]

A Week’s Reading For April 25th

How Ray Kurzweil Will Help Google Make the Ultimate AI Brain | Wired Business | http://t.co/gEB50KPNx6 http://t.co/XcyqCyfL7l -> As traditional PC sales and chipmakers slump, ARM rakes in the cash http://t.co/hfUnCBvac6 -> DARPA tools for designing vehicles. http://t.co/hyEiDIRPm8 -> Tankcraft: Building a DARPA tank online for fun and profit http://t.co/kq0OU7eWA2 ->

PowerDrill Architecture

Another great paper from Google. if it worksfor them, its probably worth copying. Particularly appreciated the Brighthouse reference.

The Myth and Mystery of Big Data

“With enough data, you can discover patterns and facts using simple counting that you can’t discover in small data using sophisticated statistical and machine learning approaches.” Link I used to assume that big data and data mining and statistics were inseparable. But the reality–companies making a killing transforming data into value–is far from complex. Big […]

QlikView Google Maps Javascript v3 Integration

Here is a sample of integrating a Google Maps JavaScript v3 API map into QlikView as an extension object. QlikView Integrate Google Maps JavaScript v3 API

Dream Job Offer! Build QlikView 9 Apps for Google!!

The positions have been filled so I have removed this post.