QlikView Scalability In A NUMA World

The scalability material for QlikView states it will scale linearly and take advantage of all cores. I think this is misleading because as I tell my customers, “QlikView scales linearly but hardware does not.” At the most recent Qonnections there was a realistic discussion of this problem in two cases. The first is Non-Uniform Memory […]

Great Features In QlikView 11

QlikView 11 looks great. Three new features in particular are going to make great impressions: the improved Web interface (AJAX), Session Sharing, and Notes.

QlikView Google Maps Javascript v3 Integration

Here is a sample of integrating a Google Maps JavaScript v3 API map into QlikView as an extension object. QlikView Integrate Google Maps JavaScript v3 API

Trigger QlikView Publisher EDX Task From Windows Powershell

Here’s a script to trigger an EDX task from Powershell. As it is, you will need to change QVSERVER to match your server name. The script can then be run from the command line by passing the task name and EDX password as parameters. Download the QlikView EDX Trigger in Powershell. Do not copy and […]

A Brief Look at QlikView Storage

You can learn a lot about how QlikView stores data in memory by looking at how it stores data on disk in QVDs. QVDs are QlikView’s proprietary data storage format. QVDs are in a format optimized for reading into memory. A QVD stores one QlikView table. Each column is stored separately. Only the unique values […]

QlikView Scalability

QlikTech recently announced their Scalability Center for customers to evaluate their QlikView apps under load and using the best servers available. At the time of the announcement, just one day after Intel’s own, they say they will have systems based on the Xeon 7500 series processors. The performance improvements over the 7400 series alone are […]