Vertica for the Cloud

While I have my head in the clouds, I should mention that Vertica has a cloud solution that they manage for you. Not new, but gives some perspective. With competitive offerings in the $10-20k per terabyte, this is an attractive offer and a great way to try before you invest when you have that much […]

Low-Cost Data Analysis & Visualization: It’s Getting Better All The Time

Over the weekend I have revisited Tableau, enjoyed some success with MonetDB, tried to turn MySQL into a hundred million row data warehouse, been underwhelmed with Firebird, installed Greenplum and spent many frustrated hours with Talend Open Studio, Pentaho Kettle and Jitterbit. Of course, I could just buy QlikView, but what can be done for […]

How well do Netezza, Greenplum, Vertica and others handle 12-way joins?

In my world, which is corporate software systems, I have a transactional database that is usually in second normal form and has very few aggregates. Building reports directly means joining at least 4 tables, often 8, and sometimes as many as 12. Unfortunately, the new crop of data warehouse vendors have made it very difficult […]