Low-Cost Data Analysis & Visualization: It’s Getting Better All The Time

Over the weekend I have revisited Tableau, enjoyed some success with MonetDB, tried to turn MySQL into a hundred million row data warehouse, been underwhelmed with Firebird, installed Greenplum and spent many frustrated hours with Talend Open Studio, Pentaho Kettle and Jitterbit. Of course, I could just buy QlikView, but what can be done for […]

Interactive Information Visualization

Enrico Bertini at Visuale asks how important is interactivity in information visualization? As a proponent of QlikView, Spotfire, Tableau and others, I think it’s extremely important. Interactivity is the future, it’s “make or break.” I’ve been implementing speed-of-thought interactive BI tools for 6 years and I don’t want to do it any other way. When […]

Response to the Tableau 3.0 Webinar

I finally got around to watching the Tableau 3.0 webinar. I agree with their very excited presenter that Tableau 3.0 is a leap forward. The support of ad-hoc grouping of dimension elements is excellent as is the enhanced support of ad-hoc sets. The annotations look good and act sensibly. Generally, the new features are focused […]


I am glad to hear in a presentation from Vertica, that they will be releasing their product for free use under a certain data set size. I do not know if this is intended to distinguish developers from production systems or so that smaller companies can run the product for free (and help establish a […]